Motivating Monsters ….

As I am reading in Exodus about the story of the Israelites… Then I run smack i n to this verse ” God will fight the battle for you.   And you? You keep your mouths shut!” (Exodus 14:14). 

I have been going through some personal trials that have required some changes in my life that have been a bit uncomfortable for me.  Changes I really did not want or plan to make.  I was living in my comfort zone and all was well, or so I thought.  Then things started to transpire.  People I trusted walked away.  People that once included me now treated me as if I no longer existed.  Circumstances that I thought would never change, crumbled.  Shoulders that I laid my emotional “head” on..gone.  So I come out fighting, kicking, screaming and complaining about all of it.  Tearing down those involved.  Speaking negatively and analyzing just how this could come to be.

Then I get a small glimpse from a sermon last week of what could change my entire perception.  Just maybe it is not “people” who caused all this to happen.  Is there any chance in the world that God could be orchestrating these events in order to propel me to move forward and not remain stuck in a  rut?  Would only HE know what would actually motivate me to move?….  Is this excuriating pain my motivator?

Because I have only been looking on with my own eyes I ponder within myself just how many times I have fought my own battles in my own strength.  Not only fighting with my own might but with words darting out of my mouth unrestrained.  Words for my critics, words to defend myself, words of rage, words of irritation, words just cursing the battle itself.   How detrimental the outcome when I allow myself to do this.  Growth is stopped or stunted at best.  Moving forward is not a optoin for me when I am standing in the middle of the battlefield looking around and screaming in frustration of how unfair it all is.  Allowing myself to be chased by all the monsters who seem to be laughing at me and staring at me as I fall apart beneath the load of the oppression of it all.  When all I really have to do is STOP.  REST.  BE QUIET. TRUST.  Let God fight the battle for me.  Is this all that  He is waiting for me to do?  Surrender.  Not to the enemy but to HIM.  Surrender not to the monsters in pursuti but to the process He is taking me through.  

My prayer on this day is “God help me to release every battle to you.  Help me to step back and allow YOU to fight for me.  Most of all help me to keep my mouth SHUT”.   

If you are facing a giant.  If you are in the midst of a battle that is overwhelming you.  I  encourage you to surrender.  Stand still and get quiet.  

I am expecting a mighty victory.   




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