Confidant for the Journey

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During the holidays I tend to become a bit nostalgic.  Memories run through the wheels of my mind at high speeds.  This year I have decided to give space in my head exclusively to those who have been with me on my journey…and remain with me.  Those who have been loyal, staunch, steadfast and trustworthy.   Those who have stood by me and helped me weather the storms.  In reality I don’t have storms I have tsunami’s and volcanic eruptions.  I have had some casualties along the way. But I will focus on my  present growth and gains.

Meet Steven.  Steven and I started going to church together around 1970.  Yes, that is 44 years of time.  We have so many good memories growing up together.  We laughed.  We cried.  We kissed.  We hugged.  We talked on the phone for hours.  We skipped school.  We shared letters and notes. We shared a seat on the city bus.  Walking the streets of Charleston.  Many carefree warm times that are alive still in my heart.   We nearly got killed just because we were best friends.  We enjoyed each others company.  He sang, I played around on the piano.  He  stood me up on our first day at College.  My heart was broken.  He pursued another life, another identity.  He was finding himself.  We went our separate ways on the map of this globe but on the map of the heart-we remained together, and still do to this day.

Steven- great friend, kind, considerate, giving, loving, cheerful, brutally honest, loyal, a  giver, a personality that is unique and almost nonexistent in this day and time.  A heart that would match the expanse of the Montana sky.  A delight.  A pick me up when I am down.  An encourager.  When I am off track his intimate knowledge of me gives him the inside  ability and permission to shine a light into my  darkness and help me find my way again.  He is a beautiful soul.  We share a many deep feelings.  We embrace a kinship of spirit and interest.  We are able to share  anything with each other.

What is very distinctive about our friendship is we truly disagree on many things:  religion, God, life after death, the Bible, homosexuality, prayer, gay marriage and other divisive hot topics.  Yet our ability to put that aside and still be in some type of mysteriouis “sync” with one another is rare jewel.  We respect one another.  We love each other.  Isn’t that what real friendship is all about?

My personal journey has been at times unbearable.  I allowed life to suck the breath out of me to the point that I didn’t even care if I seen another day.  It was during one of these very dark times that Steven allowed me to come to his home in another state and stay with him during the holidays.  We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas that year together. He cooked me my favorite meals, let me drink all the Mountain Dew I wanted.  He snuggled with me.  He let me be who I needed to be.  And being with him put a spark of hope back in to my heart.  There are good decent people in this world. There are truly “life long” friends who love you no matter what.  That is Steven.

Sure, we have had our times of battle.  But I think we both learned and grew from our time on the battle field.  Neither of us had any desire to wound the other.  What do we gain by hurting one another? It is okay to NOT agree on everything. So we agree to disagree.  We agree to love one another with no conditions.

So this holiday the first person I would like to thank is Steven, my comrade, my friend.

Merry Christmas!  I don’t know what I would do without you as a piece and a very crucial part of my puzzling life.  Your piece in MY puzzle could not be replaced or filled by any other human being.

I love you to the moon and back.  And by the way….you still should have taken me to that dang prom!


One thought on “Confidant for the Journey

  1. What a wonderful friendship you have indeed! It is a true rarity to have such a long lasting friendship in these days. I’m glad that you have each other. I also have wonderful childhood memories of the two of you, Sheila Saunders, Ricky Thomas, Danny Monk, Bobby Buckalew, Andy Jordan and others at the Nazarene Church. It was a great church to grow up in and we had some really special people that shaped our young religious minds. I am very thankful to have been there!


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