Joke’s on YOU


lifeMeet my enemy, Satan. Yes, he exists. The Bible says so in John 10:10 “the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy”. His job, his occupation, his work is to actively oppose me. He is my adversary, foe, archenemy, rival, antagonist, thief and combatant. He seeks to harm or weaken me. He seeks my death and destruction.  However, today the joke is on him.

He is at work to rob me of my personality, my position in life, my security, my peace, my happiness, my goals, my sanity, my identity and anything else he can take. When a thief robs someone he is up to no good and often uses lies and deception to get the job done. Actually the word thief is a Greek word, kleptes. This word this word describes a person with a persistent, neurotic impulse to steal. Think of the word kleptomania, which is a condition of not being able to resist the urge to steal or rob someone. Again, Satan’s job is to be persistent and relentless in accomplishing his goals. He works to wear me down. He uses deception to plant lies in your brain.

He is however a defeated foe. Jesus defeated him. He knows this and he is frantic about it. He has no real power. He has no position to win. He is a low life coward who knows he can’t win.  He can’t accomplish any of his goals in my life unless I relinquish the power to him to do so.

I would like to publicly bash him in the head on this day by reminding him that in 2008 he messed with my mind to the point of clinical depression and I was hospitalized from October 21st -27th of that year. Then again, another attack in 2009, December 15th -20th I was hospitalized for depression and panic disorder. Panic disorder by the way is nothing short of living in fear.  Your body goes automatically in to the fight or flight mode.  December 31st  of that year  to January 5th of 2010 he relentlessly kept a violent assault going on my mind..The definition of assault is a sudden, invasion, violent attack; onslaught. The military definition of assault is the stage of close combat in an attack. During these specific times I was in a battle. I was under attack. My mind, my thinking, my ability to reason was all under a violent assault and attack from my enemy.

He was telling me things like “kill yourself”, “you can’t come through this”, “you will never make it”, “give up”, “quit” and many other voices like this were running havoc through my brain with no shut off valve. He was in facet very persistent. He was doing his job relentlessly: he was intense and unremitting. It was violent, it was painful and it was almost unbearable.

Then just like the woman with the issue of blood in the bible, I too kept putting all my faith, money and trust in the doctors. That meant relying on a prescription medication to defeat what was actually a spiritual battle.  Of course that did not work. I am in no way against doctors or medications.  God can give physicians wisdom to know how to appropriately help a person with a medical problem.  My problem was not a medical problem.

In walked Jesus, my savior! A savior according to the dictionary is a person who saves rescues and delivers. However this was not just a “person”. This was Jesus Christ! This is the one who went to the cross and died for my sin.   He carried all my suffering. He is familiar with all my pain.

So I was helped. I was delivered. I was given new hope. I was made alive again. I became a new person.  It is now going on five years since those events took place in my life. I am here to state that God is a mighty God. He fights on my behalf. He heals, he rescues and he saves. He is almighty.  He loves me and He is for me.

Satan: You are defeated, overthrown, conquered, subdued, beat, defeated. You are a looser. You lack reticence and power to restrain me. You DID NOT WIN!





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