Paralyzing Darkness


Some people are experiencing this Christmas season feeling alone, abandoned, depressed,broken, anxious and forgotten. They won’t be with a big happy family opening gifts on Christmas morning. They have not been invited to any dinners or parties. their refrigerator may be empty.  Their life may be empty. It may be a struggle for them to get through this day and then the next.  They have no appetite. They don’t want to get out of the bed.  They don’t want to shower and face the day.  That may be you. If you believe in God or have a relationship with him or not, it says in the bible that David had to encourage himself. Sometimes it is best that we don’t sit back and wait on someone else to step up to the plate and reach down to lift us out of the pit. Yes, one might assume that since it is the season of giving and supposedly thinking of others that this would be an easy thing for someone to do for you. But the truth is easy as it could be for them to do, most people are wrapped up in the busyness of this season. The lonely, those who are forgotten and depressed most often just do not even enter the minds of those who are going about their business of celebrating the season. This would include your friends and your very own family members. On some occasions God may send one of his messengers to help you. Other times it is on you to encourage yourself. This may mean that you will have to force yourself get out of your comfort zone. Instead of waiting on someone to call you, you be the one to pick up the phone and make that call. You be the one to get the bible off the shelf and look for your answers. You be the one to take a step to find a church to attend. You be the one that if you need professional help or counseling get the number and take the first step …make yourself an appointment. But PLEASE don’t sit in a dark hole alone feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t allow  the enemy and those voices in your own head to pull you so far down in to self pity and despair that quitting is an option. Don’t get so low that you think life is perhaps just not worth the effort any longer. YOU are worth the effort.  YOU are valuable.  YOU are going to come through this.  So stand up in your own mind and in your spirit and have the courage to ask for help. Have the courage to just whisper the name of JESUS. There is power even when you are powerless within yourself. Have the faith as small as a mustard seed to believe this too shall pass. It will get better. This season will end.  And just maybe you will be in a position next Christmas season to offer a word of hope to someone who is wearing the shoes you are wearing now.  Perhaps you will be the one  God chooses to send as a messenger of hope.  Who better than you can deliver that word?  You are the one who walked through the darkness in to the light.  Your words, your story will radiate light for someone who can see nothing but darkness all around them.  There are great things in store for each one of us.  Believe.  Do NOT give up. DO not give in to despair.  Keep walking.  Keep moving.



2 thoughts on “Paralyzing Darkness

  1. How did David encourage himself? I totally agree with your concept and especially agree God wants to use us to bless others.
    Tresa according to some commentaries they say David encouraged himself in the Lord his God; took all patiently, and exercised faith on his God; he encouraged himself in the power and providence of God; in the promises of God, and his faithfulness in keeping them; in a view of his covenant relation to God; in remembrance of the grace, mercy, and goodness of God, and his former experiences of it; hoping and believing that God would appear for him in some way or another, and work salvation for him. The Targum is,”he strengthened himself in the Word of the Lord his God;”in Christ the Word of God, and in the power of his might, and in the grace that is in him, Ephesians 6:10. 


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